Motorcycle journeys …….the basic essentials 

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The girl with the non motorcyclist husband

Ian Stephens Photography

I am sure there are many bikers out there who have a partner who does not ride motorcycles or are just anti-motorbike. Luckily my husband, Rob, isn’t the latter he just doesn’t ride. Although that isn’t to say I haven’t tried to get him on a bike, even booking him in for CBT on his 36th birthday with Surepass.

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Becoming a digital nomad……just a pipe dream or potential reality?

There is a huge trend at the moment with people reverting to digital nomadic lifestyles. And it sounds great, to just travel and work when you like, right? But is this just a dreamers idea of escaping from the everyday norm of society? Or is it a realistic way of living?

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Written in the stars


As I sit here gazing into the beautiful Cornish sky with its hundreds and thousands of twinkling stars, I get to wondering about what lays ahead. Is our future written in the stars?

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Off into the Cornish Sun

There is nothing quite like mouching around on the bike when the sun is rising or about to set. Yes we have all seen endless beautiful sunsets but there’s something rather nostalgic about riding on a motorbike off into the sunset. Reminding us of a sense of belonging and being, at one with our glorious machines. For me motorcycling evokes all the senses and unless you ride a motorbike you won’t truly understand the feeling of the “wind in your hair” (or helmet). It’s a beautiful thing.

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