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Jenny Hibbert the lady biker who has taken on the role as Women Riders World Relay, ambassador for New Zealand

Previously on ‘Women Inspiring Women’; we took a look at the journey of the baton thus far and the incredible story of The Aussie Biker Chick, Collette Tindal, who has taken it upon herself to travel the world following the baton on that journey. Therefore earning the title of Women Riders World Relay (WRWR), worldwide ambassador. Then came the truly remarkable attitude of ‘this girl can’ from WRWR Pakistan ambassador, Guliafshan Tariq, who is literally changing the face of the motorcycle industry in her country and showing the positive image of Pakistan.

Video Credit: Guliafshan Tariq YouTube

In today’s article with just 7 days to go until 315 registered ladies partake in what will be, New Zealand’s largest women’s motorcycle event. We will take a closer look at some of the awesome team of volunteers who have spent the last 6 months, planning and organising the event here. This is how we do it Kiwi Styles…..

Women motorcyclists who are organising the Women Riders World Relay in New Zealand
The Kiwi Organisers Team for Women Riders World Relay 2019

I am super proud to be part of the team of 23 ladies who have taken on the challenge of helping to organise the relay here in New Zealand. We have all dedicated our time and energy to make this a safe, fun and memorable event for all those participating and it hasn’t been an easy task. From planning routes, to organising dinner events and collecting spot prizes. It’s been an epic event to organise and challenging at times.

But no team would be complete without an aspiring leader at the helm. It was Jenny Hibbert who 1st put her hand up to take on the role as ambassador although she was later joined by Amanda who acted as co-ambassador. This is Jenny’s story…

Jenny Hibbert the lady biker who has taken on the role as Women Riders World Relay, ambassador for New Zealand

Jenny Hibbert – WRWR NZ Ambassador

It was 25 years ago that Jenny’s dream of riding began. However not long after she had bought herself a 71 Triumph Tiger, she discovered she was pregnant with her son Jarred. That dream would have to be put on hold as she had to sell the bike to help pay for all the baby basics.

In 2015, her son Jarred, aged just 22 was diagnosed with leukaemia. He spent the next few years fighting a brave and courageous battle which he would eventually lose in 2017. But not before setting his mum back on track to make sure she would live out her own dream…

See Jarred shared his mum’s passion of bikes and whilst in remission before the leukaemia came back, he bought his dream motorcycle, a Harley Davidson, Dyna Street Bob. Rather than hide away when he was told there was nothing more docs could do, he spent the weeks leading up to his death, quietly preparing his dream bike for his mum to ride.

Despite her fears of this huge heavy bike as a newish rider, it’s Jarred’s voice telling her she can do this that inspires her to keep moving forward.

Riding has been like a therapy for me, it takes me to a place where I am free for a moment and he’s right there with me. He’s taught me not to let the fear of what could happen, make nothing happen. I am excited to be part of the team representing New Zealand as the Ambassador in the Women Riders World Relay. I think Jarred would be pretty stoked and I’m enjoying being part of a group that represents all women who ride for whatever reasons

Jenny Hibbert

A stark reminder for us all to go out and take life by the handlebars! But this is exactly what the relay is all about “Be adventurous. Be courageous. Be inspiring. Be real. Be untied” Hats off to this incredibly brave and courageous lady, our New Zealand ambassador, Jenny Hibbert.

Whether it is leading from the front of volunteering to be tail end charlie, each and every team member of the kiwi organisers has an important role to play to ensure the relay runs smoothly and the baton arrives on time in each destination. With 315 registered riders (guardians), it simple was not possible for all the guardians to physical carry the baton hence why it was decided that it would be carried by various members of the organisers team. With names being appropiately drawn from a motorcycle helmet.

Photo Credit: Yasmine Bendjafer Abderrahim

But rest assured, we have a dedicated group of ladies who will be ‘Mothers of the Baton’, their role being, to make sure each and every lady get’s to hold the baton, sign it and have the opportunity for a photo, so you’re sure not to miss out.

Mothers of the Baton. From top left to right: Audrey, Roz, Viv & Jo

I will be your amateur photographer for the event, hoping to snap as many of you ladies as possible whilst you hold the infamous baton. Here’s a little about me…

Donna Powell (lonelyTWAT) – WRWR NZ Amateur Photographer

I have always had a passion for bikes but it wasn’t until I was 24 that I got my 1st motorcycle, a Honda CBR 125cc.

Born in the UK but moved to New Zealand just 9 months ago with my husband in the hope to start a new life for ourselves.

I have been involved with WRWR from day dot, so it was only natural to want to get involved with helping to organise it here.

I run my own motorcycle blog with the core goal being to inspire and encourage others to ‘Make Your Own Pot of Gold’ In other words, do what you want to do and make those dreams come true. WRWR values are very much on par with my own, so to have the opportunity to not only take part but also to help organise it, is a big deal for me and I am super proud to be doing that here in New Zealand.

But rest assured, it won’t just be down to my amateur photography skills to capture this awesome event. We also have on board our sponsored, professional photographer from Harley Davidson, Shay Ron. A lady with incredible talent who is well known for her awesome photography skills. Shay will also be in one of the support vehicles, supporting us along the way.

Video Credit: Shay Ron Photography (turn the video volume up to listen!)

That’s just a little about some of the team here, we look forward to meeting you in person.

Next week in my ‘Women Inspiring Women’ series, it will be the day before the relay kicks off in New Zealand. I will be sharing with you a few helpful tips and advice on preparing for this epic event and a few of my own essential packing items.

Make sure you are following me on my Facebook Page to keep up to date as the relay unfolds.

‘Be Adventurous. Be Courageous. Be Inspiring. Be Real. Be united’ WRWR

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New Zealand WRWR Ambassador Jenny Hibbert wrwr2019@gmail.com


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