Women Inspiring Women – WRWR 2019 – This Girl Can…

In my last article I wrote about the iconic baton and how our journeys are soon to meet from our beginnings in the UK. Also the incredible ladies that are shining through and inspiring other ladies across the globe, showing this girl can!

This week, we’ll continue looking at those amazing superstars of WRWR and how their attitudes are literally changing the face of the motorcycle industry. What better example than our very own Pakistan WRWR ambassador Guliafshan Tariq….

Photo Credit: Guliafshan Tariq

Using her passion for travel and sheer determination to break the norms of society, she is on a mission to inspire women all over Pakistan to show this girl can and so can you. Unlike other countries, it’s not the norm for women to ride motorbikes in Pakistan and it is hardly recognised let alone accepted by society. But by leading by example, Guliafshan is bravely smashing those boundaries and facing them head on. Also putting the message across to the world that Pakistan is a safe and beautiful country to visit.

WRWR Pakistan team. Photo Credit: Guliafshan Tariq

What an inspirational and brave young lady. Check out her interview with Hayley Bell below….

Video Credit: WRWR

It’s just two weeks to go until we kick of the WRWR here in New Zealand. Registration has now closed and the final bits of organising are being done. Make sure you are following me on my Facebook Page to keep up to date of the relay as it unfolds.

Next week in my Women Inspiring Women series; we’ll take a look at some of the awesome ladies who have been working tirelessly behind the scenes, helping to bring the relay to New Zealand and showing how it’s done, Kiwi Styles

‘Be Adventurous. Be courageous. Be inspiring. Be real. Be united’ WRWR

Facebook Event WRWR – Kiwi Styles 

WRWR website 

New Zealand WRWR Ambassador Jenny Hibbert wrwr2019nz@gmail.com


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