Women Inspiring Women – WRWR 2019 – Find the Baton…

Debbie with the signed WRWR baton

In the next couple of weeks counting down to the New Zealand relay I will be posting weekly articles in my ‘Women Inspiring Women’ series, giving you a little more of an insight into Women Riders World Relay (WRWR).

It’s 3 weeks until I take part in WRWR here in New Zealand and it’s kind of crazy to think I was living in the country that it started in, just before it begun.

It’s been nearly a year since I got involved with this epic event, writing my 1st article, Rallying Together to Unite Female Bikers Across the Globe! and 6 month’s since I wrote about my friends Debbie and Sara, the Motorcycle Maids of Cornwall in the UK and their own WRWR adventure, from England to France. It’s also 7 months since I joined the awesome team of kiwi organisers to help organise the relay here in New Zealand.

Lady motorcyclists at the Ace Cafe in London for the WRWR lunch event
Photo from Sara and Debbie’s collection (Debbie in the middle, Sara in the Red jacket)

Since then the baton has travelled tens of thousands of miles, gone through over 43 countries, been held by numerous ladies and has now even been replaced by a 2nd baton. Find the baton and track the relay on the live tracker.

About the Baton

The baton was handcrafted in the USA by Eugene Sanderson who spent hours upon hours carving and decorating it. Made from Mahogany and even has it’s own carefully moulded carry case, specially designed to carry the baton and be carried by the riders. Photo Credit: WRWR

In this time, I too have travelled a long way. Having left the UK nearly 9 months ago with my husband, in the hope to start new lives for ourselves here in New Zealand. So it’s remarkable that having both started our journeys’, just months apart in the UK, that I will finally join the relay for the 1st time here in New Zealand.

Wow, what an incredible journey that has been so far! Why I have been pushing my own boundaries by walking away from everything I know to start a new life here, the baton has become the icon for thousands of women across the globe pushing incredible boundaries and inspiring women worldwide. Quite literally in some cases as with Guliafshan Tariq, the WRWR ambassador for Pakistan, a truly inspirational woman who we will talk more about in the next article of my ‘Women Inspiring Women’ series.

Then there are ladies such as Colette Tindall Edeling the Aussie biker chick, who has taken it upon herself to travel as much of the relay as she possibly can and has quite rightly earned the title as the WRWR worldwide ambassador. To support Colette in her journey, you can make a small donation to her fundraising page.

WRWR Worldwide Ambassador Colette in Nepal Photo Credit – Merina Casper

What an incredible lady, looking forward to meeting her and all the inspiring women of this awesome relay.

I still can’t quite believe from the beginning of WRWR when I was in the UK that 12 months later, thousands of miles away, I will finally be taking part in the relay. Not only will I be taking part but I will be working alongside our professional, sponsored photographer Shay Ron as the amateur photographer and videographer. Make sure you are following me on my Facebook Page to keep up to date of the relay as it unfolds.

If you want to take part in the New Zealand part of the relay, you have until 18th August to sign up. See the video below on how to do so.

‘Be Adventurous. Be courageous. Be inspiring. Be real. Be united’ WRWR

Facebook Event WRWR – Kiwi Styles WRWR website New Zealand WRWR Ambassador Jenny Hibbert wrwr2019nz@gmail.com

Next in Women Inspiring Women we will take a closer look at ‘This Girl Can’ and the incredible ladies taking on the world to change attitudes towards women in the motorcycle industry…..


5 thoughts on “Women Inspiring Women – WRWR 2019 – Find the Baton…

  1. Your story is amazing. I also have have a women’s group in NZ. WOW – Women On Wheels NZ. Many of the riders will be taking part in this relay, including myself. I plan to ride the whole 4 days. It will be amazing. So looking forward to meeting some of you ladies. Collette is just amazing too, with her travels the whole way round. Wow!! See you; n the 6th at Waitangi.


    1. Thanks Chrissy. Yes I’m a big fan of WOW – women on Wheels NZ and enjoy the content. Looking forward to meeting you ladies too. I’m not great with putting names to faces, so please come and say Hi and introduce yourself. It’s gonna be awesome 💋🏍🌏🗞


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