Climbing Mountains – A Welsh Road-trip Part 2

You can read part 1 of my trip here.

Day 2

After yesterdays monstrous task of riding hundreds of miles and climbing Snowdon, I am feeling better than I thought. Although I am feeling more nervous about today’s ride than yesterdays. This will be the furthest away I have been on the bike, in unfamiliar territory about to ride solo cross-country through Wales. It may not be as many miles as yesterday but it was still going to take some stamina.

Google Maps

It was 176 miles to my next destination and once again I had use my trusty Best Rides Motorcycle Atlas alongside Google Maps to plot my route, I don’t do Sat nav’s.

The first 40 odd miles were quite straight forward as it was following the route we had taken yesterday. But it didn’t look any less beautiful. Although with the stormy skies rolling in, there was an eerie atmosphere in the air, the heavens would soon open.


And they most certainly did but thankfully I had my waterproofs on which consisted on my lovely fitted Ixon Ladies Jacket and Buffalo trousers. I was also wearing my Gerbing heated gloves and Gortex motorcycle boots. So although it started raining soon into the ride I managed to stay reasonably dry. But it does make it more challenging riding in the wet and not just physically, you have to have your eye on the ball more and that takes concentration.

I found this out in particular when riding along the B4378 towards Craven Arms which unbeknown to me until I started riding, it was being re-surfaced. It ended up being one of the most challenging and scary parts of this ride. It was peeing it down by now and this road was just pure gravel. I was in the middle of nowhere with no cars or houses in sight. My thought process was, if I drop the bike I am stuffed because there is no-one around to help me. So dropping the rev’s right down and driving at no more than 20/30mph I slowly worked my way through and thankfully without coming off. But this did extend my journey somewhat as it was a fairly large stretch of road.

The rest of the journey was as beautiful as it had been the whole time during my ride through Wales, just endless luscious roads and stunning countryside.


Now there was one thing I really wanted to do on this part of my trip and that was to visit a castle, well I was in Wales after all. The difference travelling on my own meant I had more freedom to stop whenever I liked. I spotted Clun Castle as I was just coming into the village of Clun. It just had to be visited! Of course in full bike attire as well. It looked a lot close when I drove past it on the rode but it was actually on top of a small moat which after climbing Snowdon was not a welcome sight. However I was full of excitement and adrenaline and pretty much run up the entire hill in my gear and wow, what a view!


After my frolicking around it was time to hit the road again and I wanted to try and have a straight run. By this time I was soggy, sweaty and just wanted to get under a hot shower.

The rest of the route was straightforward although it rained solidly and my waterproofs were no longer waterproof. I am sure it would have been a beautiful ride if I could have seen anything through the rain.

6 hours after leaving my original destination I had arrived at my sisters. The girl had done brilliantly, she had cooked me good old sausage and mash and run me a hot bath. At this point there were no words that could express my gratitude!

As I had arrived later than anticipated, due to the horrendous weather conditions and frolicking around, my sister had to start work. Fortunately for me, she works at a pub. After a short time spent with my niece and nephew, there was only one place I was heading. Now let me point out, the only reason I am wearing my motorcycle boots is because I had a choice between them or my hiking boots. The though of walking in my hiking boots to the pub was just too painful to bare after Snowdon. I do not in anyway condone drinking whilst riding/driving.

@lonelyTWAT – A very well earned G & T
@lonelyTWAT – I was tempted to eat it on my own after the calories I must have burnt
@lonelyTWAT – But my sister Kerrie gave me a hand

Day two was complete:

  • 176 miles ridden
  • 1000s of calories eaten (just in the dessert alone!)

Day 3

As the majority of day 3 would be motorway driving, I’ll keep this short and sweet. You really don’t want to hear my frustrating rant’s of other motorists and their idea’s of motorway driving!

Google Maps

I had to get back to Plymouth that day and boringly the motorway would get me back there quicker, had I only more time. But I was graduating in a couple of days and also flying to Crete at the end of the week, so had lot’s to get done.

The only lovely part of this day was going for lunch with my sister and nephew before heading back. We stopped at a beautiful country inn en-route to the dreaded M5. We had a delicious lunch and it was the perfect stop to capture some pictures. I was so pleased the sun was shining.


Of course I had to get my sister to help out with a little photo shoot.

K White
K White

My nephew enjoyed sitting on the bike with his Auntie aswell.

K White

Now to head home. It had been a crazy few days but some of the most exhilarating I have had on the bike so far. I can’t wait to start my next adventure.

After my long stint down the M5 I was finally back home in Plymouth.


But before I have a well earned rest there was just one thing left to do……………………………….


The old girl needed a good clean and spannering.

My Wales adventure was complete and felt like I had really achieved something since my Through Stormy Skies blog. But I was knackered and looking forward to a bit of rest before my graduation.

Keep an eye out for my review on the hostel we stayed at which I shall post soon-ish.

Day 3

  • 184 miles ridden
  • Wales road-trip complete

Total Journey over 3 days

  • 657 miles ridden
  • 8 miles hiked (723m climbed) up Mount Snowdon
  • 1st long haul bike journey conquered

Until my next adventure. Thanks for reading and stay safe on those roads.

4 thoughts on “Climbing Mountains – A Welsh Road-trip Part 2

  1. Great story and well written by you ,off to wales from plymouth next week Thursday morning will be going with friend .this will be first long journey on my bike in uk.have been packing stuff all week ..
    Have two places to stay over night,then have to see were we end up .hope to get to snowdon,don’t think I will be climbing up to top .now just looking forward to the ride ,and more packing .


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