Motorcycle journeys …….the basic essentials 

I recently went for a 162 mile round trip with the lovely Litas ladies (Plymouth Branch).

Google Maps

Whilst preparing for the trip I wrote a checklist on what to bring on their Facebook page:

Checklist for tomorrow 😁:

Bike Gear

Swimming cossie


Sun cream


Beach bag

Selfie-stick (essential to take pics of whole group without anyone being left out 😉)

Spare clothes for after swimming

Helmet cam

All usual underseat essentials (map, 1st aid kit etc. etc.)

Have I left anything out? 🤔

Now I do have to point out it was a stunning day and we were riding to the spectacular Kynance Cove.


So of course the swimming cossie, sun cream and towel were essential in this case.

However whether it be a long distance ride or short bimble there are a few essential items on this list that I will always have with me when I ride:

  • Helmet Camera

This is a recent purchase but something I have been adiment on having for a long time. Not just for safety and insurance purposes but also to record my rides. I use the Drift Innovation Stealth 2. A fantastic lightweight, weatherproof basic camera. Not quite a Go Pro but for a few hundred pounds less you can’t go wrong.

  • Selfie-stick

Yes I can hear you screaming at me. Really! A selfie-stick stick! How vein can you get? But truth be told, being a keen motorcyclist who often rides on her own and loves to take photos, this is an essential piece of kit. And no my arms are definetly not long enough to take a picture of myself and the bike in one shot!


But it’s not just useful for solo rides. When myself and my husband Rob where in New Zealand we would often use a selfie-stick stick to take photos of ourselves in the most remote places.

@lonelyTWAT (somewhere on top of a mountain, New Zealand, South Island)

It’s also great for group photos on ride-outs so no-one is left out taking the shot.

@lonelyTWAT (myself with The Litas -Plymouth on our roadtrip to Kynance Cove)

I use a mini Stick that is extendable, so fits neatly into my pocket but extends long enough to take some great piccies.

  • Motorcycle Atlas

To be fair I have always been a map girl and prefer to find my own way rather than being told by a machine. I think it was my mum who bought me this motorcycle atlas for my birthday. Now it’s not the most detailed map but it shows some great little routes and fits nicely under my seat.

  • First Aid Kit

It was a T.W.A.T first on scene course that I attended which made me think twice about carrying a First Aid Kit. Thankfully I haven’t had to use it yet but it’s small enough to fit under my seat.

  • Heated Gloves (just for long journeys)

I am sure many can relate to suffereing with extremely cold hands when riding. I suffer particular badly due to poor blood circulation. Yes heated grips are OK but I didn’t find they warmed the entirety of my hands. Definetly my best buy so far has to be these Gerbing heated gloves. They wire up to my battery and I just plug and go. Its like when you were a kid putting your mitten string through your coat. It’s the same principle with the battery wire through your motorcycle jacket and then you just plug in and go.

So lonely TWAT I may be but at least I am a well prepared one.


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