Becoming a digital nomad……just a pipe dream or potential reality?

There is a huge trend at the moment with people reverting to digital nomadic lifestyles. And it sounds great, to just travel and work when you like, right? But is this just a dreamers idea of escaping from the everyday norm of society? Or is it a realistic way of living?


Well when you consider that there are people out there making money just on the idea of this, it makes you wonder. Take the Intrepid Introvert (Hannah), World Nate and Nomadic Matt for example, travelling the world doing just this. I found it fascinating after joining Nate and Hannah on a Webinar Seminar explaining about how they earn their money whilst travelling. At the end of the seminar they offered you to sign up to receive all kinds of tools and info for $97 dollars. Within 5 minutes at least 10 people had signed up, $970 dollars just like that! It makes you wonder, hey? What the hell are we all doing in our dead end, going nowhere jobs?

But it just all seems too easy and usually when something sounds too good to be true it usually is. There are others out their who are also sceptical. Take Clazz – An Orcadian Abroad who actually has some very fair points, would this just suck the fun out of travelling? And where would be the freedom to be remote and at peace when you would need to be regularly online?

R Powell (Puheke Hill, New Zealand, North Island

But I am curious to see how easy it would be. So here’s a thought……. My husband and I really want to travel but want to get a few pennies behind us 1st, say another year and we should be good to go. So for the next year, alongside my full time job I am going to see if I can make as much money as I can online. From the jist I get from most sites is it is all about networking and building up a profile.

@lonelyTWAT (Highway 94 on our way to Milford Sound, New Zealand, South Island)

I have had my Motorcycle Travels Facebook page up and running for a few years now, mostly for my own pleasure. I find it a great way to record my travels and I love to keep a timeline to look back on. For me social media is there to share the positive things in my life.


Instagram is something I have found harder to get into. I have always prefered uploading several photos at a time. But I am slowly building up a good profile and starting to appreciate telling stories with single photograph stories. But don’t forget the hashtags!

Now I never quite understood what cashback really was until I read Hannah’s blog. Basically, you shop through a certain site and by doing so you are rewarded with a percentage of money back. They are free to join and you can start shopping straight away. I have joined two of these sites; the American Ebates version and the English version TopCashback. As I am often working I mostly shop online so this is great and there is a good selection of stores to choose from. I may have only made 80p so far in the last week on TopCashback but hey thats 80p I didn’t have. I wonder how much will this could be in a year?

One other way to make money is through affiliate marketing programmes. Whereby you advertise products for companies and earn commission when people purchase products through your links.

But to be fair, I am not looking for or even expecting to make much money although I am curious. For me it’s more about the journey and sharing my love for travelling. Although I think I may forever be a nomad, although maybe not necessarily a digital nomad. A dreamers idea maybe but it does have the potential to be a realistic way of living if you are willing to put in the hard work as long as that’s what you want. Personally for me I am curious to see if anything comes of it in the next year but I would equally be as happy stuck in the middle of nowhere with no internet connection, away from the noise of the world.

R Powell (photograph taken by my husband of me, bottom right hand corner, at the incredible Shine Falls, New Zealand, North Island)

14 thoughts on “Becoming a digital nomad……just a pipe dream or potential reality?

    1. Thanks Liz. All will be revealed in my next blog but it would appear I have taken a huge step in the nomad direction in the last few days. Whether or not I will make any money from it is another question.

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  1. I also do love motorbikes. But I don’t have a licence to drive them. Thanks for following my Web Magazine sl4lifestyle. I am very happy about it. Will travel visually with you on the bike. Take care.


      1. You are. So inspiring. Once I did a ride on the back of my Ex boyfriends bike around Morocco! Unforgettable. I am too old to get the licence now but I love to drive my convertible. Safe travels!


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