Lonely T.W.A.T

I have loved motorbikes since I can remember. Although it was only at the age of 24 that I got my 1st bike, a brand new Honda CBR 125cc 2010.


I was instantly hooked and went everywhere on her and through all weather’s rain, snow,ous sunshine and wind (my worst kind of riding weather). Being 5.2 and less than 60kg I would feel like a rag doll about to take off into the abyss. However riding in all weather conditions have given me some invaluable motorcycle skills and overall has made me a more confident rider.

But being a bit of an introvert and lacking in social confidence I have always found it hard to mingle with others who also have the same passion. Altough truthfully I have always been a bit of a loner.

It wasn’t until I got my 1st big bike, my beautiful Yamaha Fazer 03 600cc and moved to Cornwall in 2013, that I slowly started to get into the bike scene. But I soon realised the realities of moving to this county meant working most weekends and once again I found it difficult to get out and enjoy my new bike. But as my now husband worked away the majority of the time in London I had my free time to slowly bimble around Cornwall. From here I set-up my Motorcycle Travels Facebook page. This meant I could keep a record of places I visited. I also love photography and it was a great platform to share my travel photos on the bike.

R Powell

However within a year of living here I decided to start a part-time three year Foundation Degree at City College Plymouth (which I can happily say I have just completed and I graduate in a few months). Meaning most my time off was spent in lessons and studying.


But a chance meeting with a nice bunch of bikers at Plymouth megaride in 2015 opened up a new door to an online bike community T.W.A.T (Two Wheels And That). Which I joined as a member in 2016 as T.W.A.T number 170. Therein with me still also riding mostly on my own I came upon the name lonelyTWAT. But It felt great to finally be a part of the biker community. I also found it a lot easier socialising with others behind a keyboard and especially as I still worked most weekends. It’s sad but it’s true, most my social life was now conducted through Facebook. But hey I had a social life of sorts! It suited my hours and on the rare occasion I am not working, there are always events and rideouts I can join (providing they are not at the weekends). But to be fair I am used to riding on my own and don’t mind but it’s nice to know I have a choice. Although I think I may forever be Lonely T.W.A.T.


But onwards and upwards. I have since joined a few other groups including The Litas Plymouth female bike group (yes again online) and occasionally visit biker cafe/hotspots. Which I am finding I am meeting more and more T.W.A.T members which has grown phenomenoly since I joined.

However I am keen to know if others have also found it as hard? And if there are other lonely riders out there? Although I am comfortable going at it alone, as I have still not yet convinced the husband to get a bike. It does seem a shame not to share such an amazing love of motorcycles with others, does it not ………

10 thoughts on “Lonely T.W.A.T

  1. Great write up and yes, I too ride alone quite a bit and enjoy it. I have 2 riding buddies that I enjoy hanging out with but they live further away from me. Always great seeing other female riders out there–keep writing and riding–love the group’s name! 😅

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  2. Hey , you and i are T.W.A.T neighbours… I’m t.w.a.t #169 🙂 .
    I’m in the same kind of the same boat with hubby not being into bike’s. But I’m so glad I’ve found the litas and t.w.a.t groups. Both great bunches of people


      1. The weather up north isn’t great for biking. But now I’ve moved to a quiet area with quiet lanes, I think I’ll be using my bike more in summer to get to the walking areas via the back lanes.


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